Wallpaper Removal Service Contractor in St. Louis

Wallpaper removal service contractor St. Louis, Mo.

Wallpaper Removal Need Not Make You SCREAM


Wallpaper Removal Can Get Ugly So Fast That …

… 7 of 10 wallpaper removal requests come from customers who’s past attempts caused more damage than they ever imagined possible – or could repair themselves.

- Removal of wallpaper will go one of two ways -

The once desired wall covering from days of old will surrender its primitive adhesive backing without a fight, peeling off rapidly in large strips, OR …

Wage a formidable – time intensive battle – the likes of which can give even the most seasoned professional fits, no matter how many tricks of the trade we have up our sleeve!

Anyone that tells you otherwise is either pulling your leg, or hasn’t really gotten a whole lot of paper removal jobs under their belt.

Even the most talented and cautious person can gouge and score drywall using a traditional putty knife or wallpaper scraper.

C&L Painting Co. is a full service professional drywall contractor, more than ready to tackle and properly repair any wall damage resulting from a wallpaper removal attempt gone wrong.

Wallpaper removal gone horribly wrong!

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