Power Washing Service Contractor St. Louis, Mo.

Power washing service St. Louis

C&L will Safely Clean and Maintain the Exterior Surfaces Around Your Home


Improper Use Of A Power Washer
At Full Blast Can Do More Damage Than Actually Cleaning!


When its time to clean and maintain the exterior surfaces around your home or business, C&L professional power washing services will …


  • Utilize a low-pressure washing technique combined with non-hazardous – landscape friendly – cleaners to …
  • Eliminate contaminants like pollution and mold that wreak havoc on your property’s exterior causing pitting and discoloration which slowly – degrade your investment – …
  • Remove hazardous “slick as ice” mold and slim from brick, concrete pathways and decks.


Gutter and overhang cleaning attempt by customer
Gutter and overhang properly prepped and power washed by C&L


Nasty mold and slime represent a serious
slip & fall liability
- or much worse -
The same walkway now hazard free after using
C&L power washing service ==========>


siding before powerwash

Siding slowly being pitted and faded by invasive
mold and mildew
The same building after being properly prepped and power washed by C&L


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