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- Hunks Of Your Plaster Ceiling Do Not Belong On Your Floor –
The Situation Will Only Get Worse Until Properly Repaired

While Plaster presents an integrity, durability and acoustic quality second to none,
it’s an ill-fated truth nonetheless that plaster problems tend to be commonplace in American households and commercial buildings, mainly because gypsum plaster just isn’t very elastic.

Anything resulting in movement or moisture penetration within the underlying structure will most likely result in cracks, chipping and other problems which will become visible in the ceilings and / or walls.

Substandard framing. Could potentially cause ceilings to sag and perhaps buckle. .

Expansion and contraction of framing members with the seasons.

Foundation settling, weakness or failure.

Dry-rot, termites, carpenter ants in window sills, beams, studs, etc.

Inadequate backing, such as aged wooden lath as well as fiberboard

Moisture from plumbing related leaks or outside sources like an unnoticed leaky roof.

External vibration. Sonic booms, train or truck traffic, earth tremors.

While not every single crack suggests you have serious plaster problems, unfortunately, significant wide open cracks spanning several feet along your ceiling or wall surface most likely present an underling structural, leakage or infestation problem.

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