Choosing The Perfect Paint Colors

Choosing the perfect paint colors need not be difficult.

What Beautiful Colors Will You Choose?


Selecting The Perfect Colors For Your Home
Or Business Is A Very Personal Decision
Best Made In Your Own Surroundings,
Taking As Much Time As You Feel Necessary


You don’t need a PhD in color theory or a costly consultation with a designer to choose the right colors for your home or business, but comprehending the effects of color combination’s on a space will be very useful.

Below is a very helpful video with interior designer Vikki Foley who offers some valuable tips on choosing the ideal paint colors to compliment your existing surroundings, while at the same time avoiding some common color selection mistakes.

Vikki was a featured Interior Designer on HGTV and now offers a unique and extremely affordable – online design and color consultation service – well worth your time checking out via the previous link.

Having a general “feel” for what colors may be best suited to go with your existing interior/exterior design is key, and will prevent you from becoming overwhelmed with the endless array of colors and combination’s available.

Once You Have A General Color Scheme In Mind
See How It Plays Out Using “Virtual Room” Examples …

… With the help of a very powerful color selection tool developed by The Sherwin-Williams™ Paint Company which allows you to select from several pre-loaded interior/exterior scenes and experiment with your color combination ideas, down to the exact paint color codes available from Sherwin-Williams™ – offered by C&L Painting Company.

Using this color visualizer tool from Sherwin Williams will help you get an idea as to how color combination's look in your home or business.

While these “virtual scenes” will not be exact matches to rooms and exteriors from your own home, a bit of color experimentation may help you choose the ideal color combination’s for your painting contractor to apply. We hope you find this tool useful.

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